Luella is born to a motherless nest and is adopted by two adventurous young sisters named Mae and Zoe. But when they bring Luella home, Luella adopts Pancake, the family dog, as her mother!

Life with Luella is a challenge for the girls as Luella refuses to learn to swim and insists that she's a puppy not a ducky!

In the end the girls learn a lot from Luella. And Luella learns a lot from Pancake, including how to swim and possess her "duckness."

Braun's loveable characters and marvelous color illustrations will make this book a family favorite!

"The art is outstanding and the story is so cute! Kids are going to love this one." — Amanda Parker, Manager at J.W. Beecroft Books & Coffee

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Anna Has A Little Dog 

Written by Jana Kristl and illustrated by Melinda Braun, "Anna has a Little Dog" is the story of a little girl named Anna and her beloved puppy dog, Cloud. Anna and Cloud spend time together playing, learning, and sharing everyday adventures.